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3 Biggest Facebook Ad Mistakes Contractors Make (w/ Joseph Hughes)

Joseph Hughes of contractordynamics.com talks us through the common mistakes he sees people making with Facebook ads, and how to remedy them.

Contractors Hate Marketers: Why? + A Better Way w/ Jim Ahlin of Roofer Marketers

How can we fix the relationship between marketers AND contractors? It feels broken sometimes, particularly when you look at the angst from contractors in Facebook groups. We share what we think might be going on, a Better Way.

The Importance of Self-respect & Authenticity In Contracting w/ John Dye

John Dye is a Supplementing King, and runs The American Contractor Show, and has been inside hundreds of contracting businesses learning about what works and what doesn't, we chatted about self-respect and authenticity as well as what creates success, and the meaning of success.

The 3 Hardest Parts of Starting a Roofing Company (w/ Dave Taggart)

I sat down with David Taggart, none other than The Roof Papi, of A5 Roofing, and talked to him about his new venture (and the hardest parts about starting a roofing company.)

How Roofers Choose Which Area’s to Prospect In (w/ Derik Kline of Hailtrace)

The weather tracking of the past is long gone. Derik Kline shares the secrets of the future for finding hail hits, and avoiding non-value added work.

Positive Thinking in Roofing Leadership (w/ Sal Pirozzi, Mars Restoration)

Some of our notes from the episode: This might feel like a ‘soft’ topic… You might think this doesn’t effect your bottom line. Having a positive mindset will effect every thing you do for positive What is the real cost of a Negative mindset ? How can you have a positive mindset while leading a roofing company? When something real + negative happens in your personal life- how do you avoid that bleeding in? - Exercise w/ best friend at 630 - Work is work - separate them. Work is not my life. How can SUCCESS confuse some people about over-identifying with their business / identity. How can you help others on your team have a positive mindset? How do you stop jumping in all the time? - Not giving people answers Why is letting people fail important to you? How do you make sure people can bring mistakes to you? - Therapy - Allowing people to fail - Pain has to occur Check out Mars website: https://mars-roofing.com/ Our website: https://hookagency.com

7 Biggest Mistakes Scaling Sales (w/ Ryan Groth of Sales Transformation Group)

Mistake #1 - Not having a compelling vision to get excited about. Mistake #2 - Owner not having been trained in sales themselves. (You have more authority to stand on - be respected) Mistake #3 - Putting your best salesperson as the sales manager Mistake #4 - To grow you need to hire more sales people - (sales support) Mistake #5 - Not knowing your numbers (your closing ratio, your pipeline, your selling cycle) Mistake #6 - Not having a strong culture of prospecting. Mistake #7 - Thinking that you don’t need accountability. Check out Sales Transformation Group https://www.salestransformationgroup.com/ Hook Agency https://hookagency.com

The Ideal Roofing Marketing Plan / Marketing Budget (w/ Josh Swisher)

We want to make it easy and just state: The Ideal Marketing Budget is 20% for Google Ads, 20% for SEO, 20% for Angi Leads, Thumbtack or Other Lead Aggregators – and the rest for marketing manager, print materials, video marketing and other miscellaneous efforts. But REALLY - you should assess what has worked for you in the past, and how could you double down on that. We talk about these things in detail in this video with Josh Swisher.

What Does a Roofing Marketing Manager Do? What to Look For w/ Greg Cadwallader

Not everyone is meant to be a marketing manager, and it takes a certain unique set of skills. Greg Cadwallader from Secured Roofing and Restoration in Florida talks about key efforts.

The Real Cost of Angi Leads (w/ Dmitry Lipinskiy)

Besides $35-$85 bucks a lead, for leads that also went out to 3 other companies that you have to compete with – the real cost of Angi Leads is that it can drive your prices down and your customer service may suffer?

Best Compensation Plans for Roofing Sales Teams (w/ Dallas Werner of FA Roofing)

I talk to Dallas Werner of First American Roofing who breaks down the pro's and con's to different Roofing Sales Comp Plans: 10/50/50 split OR… 10% of the total collected A Better Alternative? This is his preference which he explains in detail: % Of the profits - Based on the margin amount (40% margin not mark-up, after we take out an overhead percentage.) Once its taken out… sales rep get 40% of that profit. First American Roofing's website: https://firstamericanroofing.com/ Our Website: https://hookagency.com

How To Get Your Salespeople to Ask for Referrals (w/ Jamey Vumback of Get The Referral)

Did you know that 91% of people say that will send a referral… and only 11% of people only ask for a referral! Drive more leads with a platform that allows you to incentivize them easily for contractors –  https://www.getthereferral.com/

It’s Your Fault You’re Not Getting The Best Talent (w/ Jim Johnson)

Jim Johnson of Contractor Coach Pro talks about 5 keys you need to master before high-performers will want to work for you. Some of them are very challenging. For more – chat with CCP: https://contractorcoachpro.com/

How to Get More Business from Insurance Agents (w/ Matt Danskin)

Digging into the questions about how to do this! Great interview. Grow your roofing business with a system that has been proven to generate higher closing ratios and increased profit margins: https://www.restorationreferralsystem.com

How to Make Your Roofing Company More Profitable w/ Blake Suttle of TotalScope

In this episode Tim connects with Blake Suttle from TotalScope to talk about how to make your roofing company more profitable.

10 Elements of an Effective Flyer w/ Katelynn Strawmatt from Paperboy Marketing

In this episode Tim connects with Katelynn Strawmatt from Paperboy Marketing to talk about the 10 elements of an effective flyer.

3 Bottlenecks in Roofing & How To Get Over Them (W/ Dustan Biegler of Apple Roofing)

We sat down with the legendary Dustan Biegler of Apple Roofing to discuss some of the biggest bottlenecks roofing companies find themselves in, and how to navigate them.

How to Find the Best Employees (w/ Tommy Mello)

In this episode we talk with Tommy Mello about using all of the tools at hand to find the best employees out there.

How to Get Higher-Ticket, Higher-End Exterior Remodeling Jobs (w/ Ryan Shantz of SumoQuote)

In this episode Tim connects with Ryan Shantz of SumoQuote to talk about how to get higher-ticket remodeling jobs.

How to Qualify Sooner + Stop Chasing Bad Leads (w/ Jeff Wraley)

In this episode Tim connects with Jeff Wraley of Groundwork to talk about how to qualify leads sooner while reducing the time wasted chasing bad leads.

Using Reviews + Testimonials in Your Marketing (for Contractors) w/ Shawn Hill

In this episode Tim connects with Shawn Hill of NiceJob to talk about using the voices of your customers to refine how you are projecting yourself and your brand.

How to Use Cold Email to Score More Commercial Roofing Deals w/ Nick Peret

In this episode Tim connects with Nick Peret of Summa Media to talk about the impact that technology can make on your business, regardless of the size of your business.

How to Finish The Summer Season Strong w/ Thaddeus Tondu

In this episode, Tim connects with Thaddeus Tondu of HVAC Unleashed Marketing to talk through some basic strategies for making the most of your summer season.

How to Handle Staffing Peaks & Valleys in Busy Seasons w/ Jeff Mosler of Nexa

In this episode we talk with Jeffrey Mosler of Nexa about handling staffing and understanding how the contrast of highs and lows in the busy seasons can play a huge part in deciding what help to implement into your business.

Worksite Etiquette w/ RedboxPlus

Good etiquette on the job is huge when it comes to the satisfaction of your customers as well as the overall reputation of your company.

Direct Mail - 3 Things Contractors Should Be Doing (If Nothing Else) w/ Dave Carroll

Tim connects with Dave Carroll of DOPE Marketing to talk about the importance and effectiveness of direct mail marketing and what methods and technologies are available to take advantage of.

How a Landscaping Contractor Used HomeAdvisor to Build Their Business w/ G&M Outdoor Services

Tim chats with Garrett and Marlena Williams, the brother / sister duo that runs G&M Outdoor Services, about their experience and success with HomeAdvisor.

Biggest HVAC Marketing Mistakes w/ Ashlei Rolloff

Tim talks with Ashlei Rolloff of SVL Inc. and the Nerd Herd about some of the biggest marketing mistakes that are commonly made in the HVAC world.

How Contractors Can Be Consistently Profitable w/ Tom Reber

Tim connects with Tom Reber from The Contractor Fight to talk about staying consistently profitable as a contractor.

Doorknocking Strategies & Repeatable Sales Processes (w/ Adam Bensman)

Tim talks with Adam Bensman of Roof Strategist about the strategies and processes behind successful roofing sales and doorknocking.

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