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How a Landscaping Contractor Used HomeAdvisor to Build Their Business w/ G&M Outdoor Services

Tim chats with Garrett and Marlena Williams, the brother / sister duo that runs G&M Outdoor Services, about their experience and success with HomeAdvisor.

Biggest HVAC Marketing Mistakes w/ Ashlei Rolloff

Tim talks with Ashlei Rolloff of SVL Inc. and the Nerd Herd about some of the biggest marketing mistakes that are commonly made in the HVAC world.

How Contractors Can Be Consistently Profitable w/ Tom Reber

Tim connects with Tom Reber from The Contractor Fight to talk about staying consistently profitable as a contractor.

Doorknocking Strategies & Repeatable Sales Processes (w/ Adam Bensman)

Tim talks with Adam Bensman of Roof Strategist about the strategies and processes behind successful roofing sales and doorknocking.

Begin with The End in Mind & Know Your Numbers as a Contractor (w/ Dave Sullivan)

Tim talks with Dave Sullivan from The Roofer Show about starting your business with a clear destination in focus. Also, the importance of knowing the numbers that it's going to take to make your business a success.

Going from Storm Damage to Retail or Commercial Roofing (w/Randy Brothers)

What happens when your storm damage roofing business runs out of storms to chase? This idea is a great starting point for storm damage roofing businesses to jump from when looking to grow beyond their current boundaries.

Using Video & Funnels on Social Media for Contractors / Electricians (w/ James Wrest)

One of the biggest problems that electricians face in their marketing is getting themselves out on video! In this episode we talk about some of the strategies that can be used to break through those struggles and make video start working for you!

How to Get Paid for Estimates as a Remodeler or Home Builder (w/ Todd Dawalt)

Tim talks with Todd Dawalt about charging customers for estimates and other smart decisions that will get your business better leads.

How to Better Qualify Customers Over the Phone w/ Michelle & Doug Myers

Tim chats with Doug and Michelle Myers of Pink Callers about the Shin-Fu method and being able to establish a good pathway into recognizing the difference between cold, warm and hot leads.

Traction for Contractors to Achieve Speed & Strength in Leadership w/ Jason Paris

Tim chats with Jason Paris of Paris Painting about Traction, the EOS aimed to help entrepreneurs succeed.

From Canvassing to Digital Focused Contractor: 5 Biggest Changes w/ Armando Jacox, Jr.

Tim talks with Armando Jacox, Jr. about the biggest changes that needed to be made when shifting from heavy canvassing to a more digital approach when reaching out for leads.

Train & Educate Sales About Pre-Calls, Add-On's & Follow-Up's

Tim connects with Rob Ambrosetti to talk about educating sales and shifting a mindset of "pushing something that nobody needs" to a mindset that is closer to "offering something that anyone could benefit from".

Best Damn Roofer Shares About Building an Audience, Humor, Stunts, & Haters

Tim and guest, Lord Joshua Robert Bigger aka Best Damn Roofer, talk about building an audience using the assets of humor and stunts. They also cover the use of reactions and how they have dealt with haters.

Going from 100k to 1 Million - Panting Contractor Sales & Process Lessons (w/ Tanner Mullen)

Tim talks with Tanner Mullen about creating a better experience for the homeowners as well as "scaling the unscalable" and passing on the craft to the next generation in the craft.

How to Use Wildcard Content to Hit a Google Rankings Goldmine (w/ Griffin Roer)

Tim talks with Griffin Roer of Uproer, a performance-driven SEO & SEM agency, about using "wildcard content" to make big leaps in the world of SEO and ranking on Google.

How to Motivate Millennials and Gen Z in Construction (w/ Eric Anderton of Construction Genius)

Tim talks with Eric Anderton of Construction Genius about the next generation stepping into the construction industry and the struggles with finding solid employees that have the skill, will and are a cultural fit.

Minimize Lead Slippage & the Waste of Phone Tag & Follow up (w/ Torlando Hakes)

Torlando Hakes of Periodic (torlando.periodic.com) shares steps you can take to stop losing leads after you did all the work to get them! Periodic is a *more advanced* meeting appointment setter – with pro options. Check them out!

Video Marketing Statistics / Why Video Ads Are Better (w/ Patrick Shelton)

Patrick Shelton of Minneapolis' 'Current Resident' joins us https://currentresident.tv/ - Current Resident is a video production team that works with a lot of agencies in town, shares why video ads perform video, and a ton of video marketing statistics.

3 Types of Emails to Send After Work is Finished (w/ Tom Davis)

Tim and chats with guest Tom Davis of Signpost about three great ways to used email marketing to your advantage even after the hard work of making a sale is behind you.

Contractors All Look The Same (How to Differentiate) w/ Logan Shinholser

In this episode, Tim talks with Logan Shinholser about one of the greatest struggles that contractors face in marketing today... separating themselves from the crowd!

Why Construction Company Marketing Agencies Suck w/ Devon Tilly & Scott Hicken

In this episode Tim connects with Devon Tilly and Scott Hicken of Art of Construction to get real about what it what marketing agencies are doing...

From 0 to 20 Roofs a Month - How I Did It (Roofing Sales) w/ Ammon McKinlay

In this episode we cover a few things that many who are just getting into the business of selling roofs might find valuable. Also, we touch on dealing with rejection and having fun doing your job.

JobNimbus vs. Acculynx: Battle for The Best Roofing CRM

In this episode of the Hook Better Leads podcast, Tim goes head-to-head with Monroe McKay discussing which of these two customer relationship management softwares "take the cake".

Common Sales Problems and How to Fix Them w/ Dale Dupree

Tim talks with Dale Dupree about some of the struggles associated with sales and how, with the right habits and community, a life in sales can be great!

Transforming Your Business in a Touch-less Economy

In this episode, Tim connects with Ponara Eng from Cambria to talk about the chaos of the current state of the economy and some of the things that business owners could do to take a step in the right direction.

How To Attract Best Roofing Salespeople + Keep & Train (w/ Jim Johnson of Contractor Coach Pro)

Check out Contractor Coach Pro: https://www.contractorcoachpro.com/ What did you learn about roofing business from growing Acculynx? How do you attract the best Roofing salespeople? Best practices for interviews? How do you scale - training your people appropriately? Nature vs. Nurture Strategy BEFORE taking massive action Connecting = Super Skill

Top 3 Facebook Ads Contractors Should Have (w/ Joseph Hughes of Contractor Dynamics)

When should contractors do their facebook + Google ads themselves How did you get into this business model? What are the top 3 Facebook ads contractors should make themselves? What should contractors be paying attention to most when they’re improving their ads? How can contractors take your courses?

Use Expert Roundups to Increase Website Traffic (& Sales!)

An age-old strategy to get more people on your website is to ask 10-20 people who are experts in your field a question a lot of your audience & prospects care a ton about… Some call it ego bait – because these people tend to promote the roundup or guide after it’s done. But it can help you with more than just more pageviews. Listen for more

Do You Have the Confidence to Make Changes on Your Site?

Have you gone in to change to something and it broke?

Using Systems and Processes to Make Your Business a Turnkey Operation (w/ Jake Dempsey)

Jake Dempsey joins Tim Brown of Hook Agency in a conversation about how using the right systems and processes can bring exponential growth to your business.

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