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Why Some Roofing Companies Take Off (& Others Fail) w/ Steven Soule of CMR Roofing

Today, we sat down with Steven Soule of CMR Roofing to discuss some of the reasons why some roofing companies take off and others fail. https://cmrconstruction.com/ https://hookagency.com/

Roof Measurement Software vs. Hand Measuring (Pro’s + Con’s) (w/ Nicholas Capobianco)

Today, Nicholas Capobianco from Roofr.com and I discuss the pro's and con's of Roof Measurement Software vs. Hand Measurement.

3 Types of Sales Support Roofing Companies Can Implement (w/ Jason Reisman of Eustis Roofing)

Today, we sat down with Jason Reisman of Eustis Roofing to discuss 3 types of sales support that roofing companies can implement into their businesses.

Why YOU Have a Labor Shortage (w/ Carlos del Pozo from TeamEngine)

Today, we sat down with Carlos del Pozo from Team Engine to discuss several reasons why you might have a labor shortage, and what to do about it.

CEO Mindset Mistakes + How To Keep Focused (w/ Kimba Garcia)

We sat down with Kimba Garcia from CEO-AF to discuss the top CEO mindset mistakes and How to Keep Focused when running your roofing company. https://ceo-af.com/ https://hookagency.com/

How to Use Video to Recruit (w/ Cameron Harris of Contractor360)

Today, we sat down with Cameron Harris of Contractor360.io to discuss how to use video to recruit for your roofing company.

SEO is Slow - Will Anything Speed it Up? (w/ Michael Stearns)

SEO is slow. It sucks... but then it's frickin awesome! Here's how to speed it up, or at least – everything we've experimented with. We're all trying to find ways to make it happen.

Ugly Roof vs. RoofMaxx (Pro’s and Con’s for Roofers)

Today, I sat down with Ty Meredith and Jonathan Broce of Ugly Roof and MHI Roofing to discuss the Pro's and Con's of Ugly Roof vs. RoofMaxx.

How To Get More Roof Referrals Using Social Media w/Charlie Anderson

We sat down with Charlie Anderson of Dreamworx Exteriors to discuss how to get more roof referrals using social media.

How to Find High Margin Jobs (+ Stop Doing The Rest) w/ Heath Hicks

Today we sat down with Heath Hicks of AVCO Roofing to discuss the best ways to find high-margin jobs and to stop wasting time with the rest.

5 Roofing Customer Service Tips (After Listening to 100 Calls)

Join Sydnee Olsen and Tim Brown on the Hook Better Leads podcast where they cover 5 roofing customer service tips after listening to 100 calls.

NTS vs. iTel: for Shingle Analysis + Social Media Sales (w/ TJ Ware)

Today, we sat down with TJ Ware from Paradise Claims to discuss NTS vs. iTel for the shingle analysis process and the benefits of using social media for roofing sales.

Roofing Industry Recruiting Machine: Martin Pettigrew, Monarch Roofing

I had the pleasure to sit down with Martin Pettigrew of Monarch Brain and pick his brain about recruiting, where he looks for talent, and what he looks for. He has such a dominant team of high-performers from executive level to all throughout the organization, I think his methods deserve a closer look. Hope you enjoy!

Why You Need a Roofing Sales Process w/ Benny Fisher

Benny Fisher stopped by the Hook offices to talk about why you need a roofing sales process, and we learned a ton! Check it out.

TikTok Algorithm Secrets with World's Greatest Roofer, TJ McCormack

Who knew social media could wield such power, for a B2B roofing play. TJ McCormack shares his insane TikTok success and how you can do it too.

3 Ways Roofers Waste Money on Google Ads

Join Vincenzo Colosimo and Tim Brown in the Hook Better Leads podcast where they break down 3 ways roofers waste money on Google Ads.

Top 7 Objections in Roofing Sales and How to Handle Them (w/ Becca Switzer)

Today, we sat down with Becca Switzer of Roof Sales Mastery to discuss the top 7 objections heard in roofing sales and how to handle them. She also gives some additional sales and marketing tips.

How to Choose Great Business Partners in Roofing (w/ Dustan Biegler of Apple Roofing)

It's a certain skillset to partner with people that are going to accelerate the speed of your growth, not detract. I picked the brain of a very respected roofing business owner - Dustan at Apple Roofing, to understand how he works with partners and why he chooses the people he does to work with.

6 Copywriting Tips to Maximize Your Web Content

Join Casey and Tim on the Hook Better Leads podcast where they break down proven tips to maximize your web content!

Acculynx: Pros & Cons (w/Tracy Bookman of Homestead Roofing Colorado)

Today, we sat down with Tracy Bookman of Homestead Roofing Colorado to discuss the Pros and Cons of Acculyx (+ a pricing breakdown), in comparison with Job Nimbus.

5 Tech Upgrades Every Roofing Website Should Have

Join Matt Anderson and Tim Brown on the Hook Better Leads podcast where they break down 5 tech upgrades every roofing website should have!

5 Biggest Mistakes Roofers Made in 2021 (w/ Dave Sullivan of Roofer Show)

Top 5 Mistakes Contractors Made In 2021 1. No Strategic Business Plan, Where They Are Going, Start At The End An Reverse Engineer A Roadmap To Get You There 2. Don’t Know What Business They’re In, Everything To Everybody, Profit Centers, Riches In The Niches, Build A Brand 3. Don’t Know Their Ideal Customer, Differentiator Or A Commodity 4. Focus On Top Line Sales, Volume Kills, But Profit Thrills, Sales Volume Is Vanity, Profit Is Sanity, And Cash Is Reality, Don’t Know Their Numbers, Focus On Profit Margin 5. No Processes, The 2 Week Vacation, 3 Legged Stool Bonus??: Simply Just Don’t Charge Enough Money For Their Work

How to Get Leads from Your Roofing Website

Join Elizabeth Schwartz and Tim Brown on the Hook Better Leads Podcast where they break down how you can get leads from your roofing website!

How to Optimize Your GMB for Leads and SEO

Learn how you can utilize GMB for generating leads and increasing your SEO rankings!

Tommy Mello Shares Training, Hiring & Growth Systems

I asked Tommy Mello all of my burning questions about his growth, sales, training, hiring, systems and how to keep people accountable.

Roofing CRM: Do I Really Need a CRM? + When to Switch (w/ Adam Sand)

Adam Sand of Roofing Business Partner, talks about when you NEED a CRM, why he loves Hubspot for roofing, the pro's and con's of niched CRM's and when it's time to make a switch.

Roofing Sales Ben Menchaca's High Performance D2D Sales Tips

I picked Ben Menchaca's brain about where to find high-performing door-to-door salespeople, what they have in common - how he'd get an advantage first year. Find Ben on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ben.menchaca.5

Stop Spending Money on Leads You Aren’t Working (w/ Ben Hodson)

Contractors say they want more business - but you and I both know LEADS are slipping through the cracks - Contractors are not working leads well, they’re sloppy - There isn’t clarity on who’s working what, or the last touch. So how to remedy it? Ben Hodson, the CEO of Job Nimbus and I chat about how to ensure each lead you've worked hard to get – is taken care of, systematically. https://jobnimbus.com

Why Join a Mastermind? Niched vs. Non Niched (w/ Hunter Ballew)

Should you join a mastermind? Getting around like minded people can be a major accelerant to any business, but how do you sort through the good and bad groups? What's best for you? I chat with Hunter Ballew of Roofing.com and RepCard about leadership, and how to understand the pro's and con's of niched groups and Roofing focused groups.

Why Most Referral Programs Fail & How to Fix It (w/ Chad Diller)

Chad Diller of https://www.landscapeleadership.com/ Chats with me about why most Referral Programs fail, and what to do to fix it. Extremely detailed, killer consulting, all in a half hour listen! Do yourself a favor, finish the whole thing and take lots of notes!

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