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Ways to Get the Deal Done w/Dashaun Bryant of Roof Hustlers ​

Today, we sat down with Dashaun Bryant, founder of Roof Hustlers, to discuss different sales tips and tactics to get the deal done ✅ Check out Dashaun: https://ww...

How I Got Our First 100 Google Reviews in 2 Years w/ Drew Paetow

Today, we sat down with Drew Paetow of Best Exteriors Inc. to discuss how he got his first 100 Google reviews in just two years and the abundance of noise that is curr...

Hurricane Ian: How Roofers Can Help in FL (Navigating New Laws)

During this special podcast, we sat down to chat with Matt Spanton of CAT Contracting to learn more about the new laws in Florida and what roofers can do to help after...

Roofing Sales Leaders: How to Find Them + Coach Them w/ Ryan Groth

Ryan Groth discusses some of the best ways to find top roofing salesmen and how to coach them to become driven + inspiring leaders. Check out STG: https://www.sale...

Journey to Becoming CEO of Roofer's LLC | Diego Dante's Story

Diego Dante of Roofers LLC and Roofing.com gives us a brief rundown of his story, coming from a small family in Uruguay to becoming the CEO of his own company. Chec...

Hitting 2M in First Couple Months (+Salesman vs. Owner) w/ Anthony Fuchsel

Today, we sat down with Anthony Fuchsel of Montana Roofing Solutions to chat about his first year in business (where he is on track to hit $2M 💰). We also discuss the ...

Lessons From Pain In ROOFING BANKRUPTCY w/ Graham Dessert

We sit down with Graham Dessert to discuss his experience with roofing bankruptcy and the lessons he's learned from that time. Check out https://www.leagueofleader...

Roofing Admin Support: Delete, Delegate, Defer, Do

Today, we sat down to chat with Thais Saenz and Maria McMillan from Saenz Global about Roofing Admin Support and the struggles roofers often have with delegating. C...

The Future of Roofing [Predictions for 3-5 Years] w/ Adam Sand

Today, we sat down with Adam Sand of RBP Consulting (roofingbusinesspartner.com) to discuss the future of roofing, the recession, and 3 to 10-year predictions about th...

“My Employees Aren’t Me” - Applying Other Home Service Keys to Roofing w/ Al Levi

Today, we sat down with Al Levi of 7 Power Contractor to discuss how to apply different home service business practices to roofing.

How to Not Be Reliant on Storms as a Roofing Contractor w/ Ethan Andes

Today, we sat down with Ethan Andes of Andes Roofing to discuss different ways new contractors can stop relying on storms when starting out.

Top Beginner Roofing Sales Rep Mistakes w/ Adam Bensman of The Roof Strategist

The final tip got cut off! My apologies - If you want to know more - comment and Adam will respond. So many more great videos from Adam here: https://www.youtube.com/...

Roofing Youtube Tips and Tricks w/ Dmitry Lipinskiy of Roofing Insights

Today, we sat down with Dmitry Lipinskiy of Roofing Insights and Directorii to discuss roofing Youtube tips, tricks, and best practices. https://roofinginsights.co...

Piloting Organizational Change and Accountability (w/Mike Claudio of WinRate Consulting)

Today, we sat down with Mike Claudio of WinRate Consulting to discuss facilitating organizational change and creating accountability within your organization. Mike...

Storm VS Retail Roofing Starting Out w/ Randy Brothers (The Roofing Academy)

Today, we sat down with Randy Brothers of The Roofing Academy to discuss whether new roofers should pursue a Storm vs. Retail model when just starting out. Plus we hea...

Direct Mail for Roofing That Doesn’t Suck (w/ David Carroll)

Today, we sat down with David Carroll of DOPE Marketing to discuss direct mail strategies that actually work. Visit Dope Marketing at: https://www.dopemarketing.com...

Why Some Roofing Companies Take Off (& Others Fail) w/ Steven Soule of CMR Roofing

Today, we sat down with Steven Soule of CMR Roofing to discuss some of the reasons why some roofing companies take off and others fail. https://cmrconstruction.com...

Roof Measurement Software vs. Hand Measuring (Pro’s + Con’s) (w/ Nicholas Capobianco)

Today, Nicholas Capobianco from Roofr.com and I discuss the pro's and con's of Roof Measurement Software vs. Hand Measurement.

3 Types of Sales Support Roofing Companies Can Implement (w/ Jason Reisman of Eustis Roofing)

Today, we sat down with Jason Reisman of Eustis Roofing to discuss 3 types of sales support that roofing companies can implement into their businesses.

Why YOU Have a Labor Shortage (w/ Carlos del Pozo from TeamEngine)

Today, we sat down with Carlos del Pozo from Team Engine to discuss several reasons why you might have a labor shortage, and what to do about it.

CEO Mindset Mistakes + How To Keep Focused (w/ Kimba Garcia)

We sat down with Kimba Garcia from CEO-AF to discuss the top CEO mindset mistakes and How to Keep Focused when running your roofing company. https://ceo-af.com/ ht...

How to Use Video to Recruit (w/ Cameron Harris of Contractor360)

Today, we sat down with Cameron Harris of Contractor360.io to discuss how to use video to recruit for your roofing company.

SEO is Slow - Will Anything Speed it Up? (w/ Michael Stearns)

SEO is slow. It sucks... but then it's frickin awesome! Here's how to speed it up, or at least – everything we've experimented with. We're all trying to find ways to m...

Ugly Roof vs. RoofMaxx (Pro’s and Con’s for Roofers)

Today, I sat down with Ty Meredith and Jonathan Broce of Ugly Roof and MHI Roofing to discuss the Pro's and Con's of Ugly Roof vs. RoofMaxx.

How To Get More Roof Referrals Using Social Media w/Charlie Anderson

We sat down with Charlie Anderson of Dreamworx Exteriors to discuss how to get more roof referrals using social media.

How to Find High Margin Jobs (+ Stop Doing The Rest) w/ Heath Hicks

Today we sat down with Heath Hicks of AVCO Roofing to discuss the best ways to find high-margin jobs and to stop wasting time with the rest.

5 Roofing Customer Service Tips (After Listening to 100 Calls)

Join Sydnee Olsen and Tim Brown on the Hook Better Leads podcast where they cover 5 roofing customer service tips after listening to 100 calls.

NTS vs. iTel: for Shingle Analysis + Social Media Sales (w/ TJ Ware)

Today, we sat down with TJ Ware from Paradise Claims to discuss NTS vs. iTel for the shingle analysis process and the benefits of using social media for roofing sales.

Roofing Industry Recruiting Machine: Martin Pettigrew, Monarch Roofing

I had the pleasure to sit down with Martin Pettigrew of Monarch Brain and pick his brain about recruiting, where he looks for talent, and what he looks for. He has suc...

Why You Need a Roofing Sales Process w/ Benny Fisher

Benny Fisher stopped by the Hook offices to talk about why you need a roofing sales process, and we learned a ton! Check it out.

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