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$0 to Yacht in 7 Years Roofing w/ Tony Flattum

Join us for a special episode filmed aboard Tony Flattum's yacht! Dive into Tony's roofing journey, partnership insights, real estate ventures, and more. Don't miss th...

Special Report: Hurricane Idalia Storm Path w/ Matt Spanton

Matt Spanton joined us this morning LIVE to discuss Hurricane Idalia's storm path, the implications for roofers, advice for those storm chasing, and more! 

When To Add Layers of Management w/ Sara & Dominick Fraser

Sara & Dominick Fraser of Fraser Roofing, LLC joined me for a chat about when to add layers of management, working with your spouse, business coaches and high performi...

Systems To Help You Scale Quicker w/ Todd Price

Todd Price joins the Hook Better Leads podcast to discuss his path to success, systems, scaling, and much more!Find more about Todd at: https://perimeterroofing.com/Le...

What Should Sales Rep Do When It's Slow? w/ Dylan Herman

Dylan Herman of Local Roofing LLC joins us to discuss his success in hitting $3.8M in sales, the transition from sales to management, and much much more. Have you ever...

10 Common Misconceptions About Roofing Code w/ Mike Goldenstein

Mike Goldenstein joins the podcast to discuss common misconceptions about roofing code & sales VS marketing, while dropping some dad jokes along the way.

Roofing Lead Generation Fails w/ Dmitry Lipinskiy

Recurring guest Dmitry Lipinskiy joins the Hook Better Leads Podcast to discuss lead gen fails, toxic lead gen bros, his upcoming fight, and more!

Why Insurance Carriers Do What They Do w/ Reggie Brock

Reggie Brock joined the Hook Better Leads Podcast to discuss hostility in the roofing industry, roofing claims fights, the history of insurance and more! He also spoke...

Level Up Your Leadership w/ Kirt Linington

Kirt Linington joins the Hook Better Leads podcast to discuss his journey through fitness to roofing, and his strong leadership techniques!Learn more about Kirt at: ht...

Analyzing 500K Sales Convo's with AI (What We Learned)

Podcast put on by Hook Agency's CEO Tim Brown: https://hookagency.com/Founder of Rillavoice Sebastian Jimenez: https://www.rillavoice.com/With the rapid rise of AI tak...

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